Checklist for slide review

Whether you are getting ready to review somebody’s presentation, or you are presenting your slides to a supervisor or a friend for feedback, here is a handy check-list of questions you should be able to answer.

First, some organizational questions:

  • When is the presentation?
  • How much time you will be given? (total talk time, Q&A time)
  • Will it be in front of live audience, broadcasted, or both?
  • What is the aspect ratio of projector you will be using?
  • Who is the audience, how close are they to you professionally? (Think general public vs collaborator)
  • Will you presentation be interrupted with questions or you have solid block of time?

Now more about the content:

  • What is the main product you presenting?
  • What is the problem you are trying to solve with your work?
  • Why is this problem important?
  • What existing solutions did you consider?
  • What are the key benefits and shortcomings of those solutions?
  • Which particular gap your solution fills?
  • What are the limitations of your solution?

Considerations about the style and information density:

  • Does every title sound like a message? Bad example: “Comparing medications A and B for blood pressure“, good example: “Medication B is not different from A for blood pressure
  • Do labels occupy as much space as possible?
  • How many slides have more than two plots? Is it really necessary?
  • Have you considered that each pixel costs you money? Can you reduce number of blank pixels?
  • Do you have a “graphical abstract” at the end of the slides that summarizes findings and showcases few results while using minimal text?

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